Beissel Needles
About Beissel

The Company

Beissel is a global brand of sewing machine needles that aspires to bridge the exacting new-age demands of the fashion industry with old-fashioned precision.

Licensed from BMN Beissel Maschinnadel GmbH, the Beissel trademark is a symbol of class borne by needles made lovingly by over 200 passionate experts in our 80,000 square foot factory, located in Southern India.

For over a decade now, Beissel has been providing nearly 500 readymade stitching solutions to who's who of the fashion industry. An eye for detail, delicious pricing and above all, our fashion conscious approach has made us a hot favourite with haberdashers, designers and apparel makers across the globe.

Beissel is trusted by the biggest and best in India and around the world

The Brand

Altek Beissel Needles Limited is one of the first in the world to pass the performance standard laid down for sewing machine needle by SATRA of the UK, and conform to German DIN Standards. We use the same technology and processes as the now legendary Lammertz of Germany. Every single needle made in our state-of-the-art factory in Chennai, goes through 155 different quality checks. We have almost 200 specialists working round-the-clock to ensure that nothing but the best reaches our clients.