Beissel Needles
Feature-Rich Packaging

The value of the product is directly proportional to the quality of the pack that holds it. Beissel is a stern believer of this saying.

Beissel needles come in 5, 10, 100, 500 and 1000 needle packages depending on the type of needle. Each of these have been thoughtfully designed keeping in mind safety, functionality, aesthetics, and easily-identifiable product information.

Beissel Industrial Needles
Beissel industrial needles pack of 10

10-Needle Pack

Chic and compact, the 10-Needle-Pack holds the needles firmly, protecting the sharp point from any damages in transit.

Beissel industrial needles pack of 100

100-Needle Pack

Dashing and distinct, the100-Needle-Pack stores sealed boxes marked with system size and point marked for easy reference. Plus, each box has a magnifying glass that will help you check out the finish of the needle.

Beissel needles pack of 1000

1000-Needle Pack

Premium and precise, the 1000-Needle-Pack is a weatherproof hardboard packaging that cuts transportation costs as much as it increases the shelf life. Credit goes to its snappy designing and compact features.

Beissel industrial needles pack of 500

500-Needle Paper Pack

Functional and neat, this is a paper packaging that is easy to ship and store.

Beissel Home Sewing Needles
Beissel home sewing needles pack of 5 and 10

5 and 10-Needle Pack

The 5 and 10-needle pack comes with distinct branding that shows the needle application with a distinct visual so that it is easy to locate and use for the right application. Needles are stored in a convenient box.

Beissel home sewing needles pack of 100 and 500

100 and 500-Needle Pack

Shrink-wrapped in a set of five boxes containing 100-needles each, the 500 pack is easy to store in chunks of five boxes.

King Needles
King Needles pack of 10

10-Needle Pack

The 10-needle pack comes neatly packed with a flap that makes it easy to open and lock back. The needles come neatly inserted in a unique holder that is easy to use and store. The ergonomically designed curve helps remove and insert the needles with ease.

King Needles pack of 500

500-Needle Paper Pack

The 500-pack is made of laminated hard paper that makes it safe to ship and easy to store and use. The unique box design transforms the cover into an attractive vertical mini branding unit!

Visit King Needles website for more details.