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Needle Torture Test

Test garments are sewn for 20 minutes on several layers (garment and leather) to inspect whether the needle performs without breakage.
Thread Test

Cotton thread (though polyester is a more commonly used thread and breaks less easily) is used and tested rigorously under conditions far more severe than real life conditions. If the cotton thread does not break, the needle passes the quality test.
Needle Gun Shot Test

This is the ultimate test that determines the strength and tip hardness of the needle. A needle is shot through a steel plate and the tip is checked. The tip must remain sharp and intact.
Needle Elasticity Test

A good needle must have elastic property. Additional layers in sewing (e.g. collar attachment) pose sudden resistance which can be met only if the needle is elastic. It is mandatory that the needle returns at once to its straight position. If not, there will be problems of skipped stitching and damage to vital sewing machine parts. This elastic limit is continuously monitored.
Smooth Eye and Sharp Tip of King Needles

King Needles from Altek Beissel Needles Limited, is a range of affordable, high-quality sewing machine needles for popular applications such as lock stitch, embroidery and basic home sewing. King Needles have a sharp tip and smooth eye, and are available in DB X1, HA X1, and DB X K5 systems in the popular sizes of 14, 16, and 18.