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PRÊT Home Sewing Machine Needles

German-quality home sewing machine needles for the new generation – in a eco-friendly packaging!

Beissel Needle

  • Responsible Corporate Citizen

    Did you know, plastic waste takes over 1,000 years to degrade?
    Plastic packages are discarded after use and often end up in landfills.

    Considering these harsh realities, Beissel has taken several initiatives to adopt sustainable, green manufacturing processes and eco-friendly packaging. As a responsible corporate citizen, it evaluates every step in its manufacturing process with a vision to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

    Green Manufacturing

    Did you know, chrome plating results in toxic effluents that are harmful? PRÊT needles have ZERO CHROME. Besides, the waste-water from the manufacturing process is completely recycled. The TREATED WATER is then utilized for horticulture and maintaining our beautiful lush green garden around the factory!

    Caring for Ecology

    PRÊT's packaging has ZERO PLASTIC and uses 100% recyclable paper for all its packaging. The needles are protected with a corrosion resistant VCI paper covering.

PRET home sewing machine needles are eco-friendly

PRÊT - Eco-friendly Packaging

PRÊT's eco-friendly packaging has ZERO PLASTIC. Made with 100% recyclable paper, the packaging also features a corrosion resistant VCI paper covering for the needles. The entire process follows green, sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.

PRET home sewing needles in eco-friendly packaging

PRÊT Range of Needles

Top quality needles with smooth eye and strong tip. Perfectly designed needle geometry to give aesthetic finish to all your creations!

PRÊT offers a wide range including Universal, Ball point, Embroidery, Denim, Leather, Metallic, Quilting, Stretch, Top stitch, Overlock, Twin, Triple, Wing and Self threading needles.

PRÊT brings great value too – any needle pack is just one price!

  • BALL POINT (JERSEY)  |  130/705 H SUK

    Needles with slightly rounded tip with the ability to enter in between the yarn of the knit fabric, instead piercing like a sharp point. Suitable for Cotton knits, Interlock, Rib knits, Fleece, Double knit, and Jersey.

  • EMBROIDERY  |  130/705 HE

    Comparatively larger eye than universal needles and accounts for smooth thread flow while sewing. Light ballpoint to suit most of the material. Suitable for embroidery work with rayon and other special threads.

  • JEANS/DENIM  |  130/705 HJ

    Unique spear point that penetrates light fabrics without pushing the fabric down into the stitch plate hole. Suitable for sewing denims, canvas, multiple layers of fabric, and other densely woven fabrics. Also useful for topstitching woven fabrics.

  • LEATHER  |  130/705 HL

    Needle with cutting point for sewing leather or leather like materials, due to the angle of incision this needle point produces a stitch formation inclined slightly to left and is particularly suited to decorative seams.

  • METALLIC  |  130 MET

    Metallic needles are designed especially for sewing with decorative metallic threads. Needle with longer eye than embroidery needle protects the thread from shredding or breaking. It is also ideal for use with monofilament thread.

  • MICROTEX (SHARP)  |  130/705 HM

    Needles with very slim acute point shape produce straight and beautiful top stitching on fine fabrics like Micro-fiber fabrics, Silk, Polyester etc.

  • QUILTING  |  130/705 HQ

    Needles with slim point shape and unique scarf design especially made for machine quilting and patchwork, which helps to pierce the fabric smoothly and eliminate skip stitches.


    A general purpose universal needle with a slot in eye for effortless threading and perfect solution to those who have difficulty in threading a needle.


    This needle is specially designed for use in electronic multipurpose sergers that do the over lock, cover, safety, and mock safety stitches. Not suitable for use in normal home sewing machines or embroidery machines. Machines should specify ELX705 system.

  • STRETCH  |  130/705 HS

    Suitable for sewing elasticized fabrics such as spandex, active knit wear, Gymnastic knits and swim wear. Needle with ball point and specially shaped Scarf design ensure skip free stitches.

  • STRETCH - TWIN  |  130/705 HS ZWI

    For synthetic suede and elastic knitwear, Constructed with two needles on a cross bar from a single shaft. Sew two rows of decorative stitching at the same time.

  • TOP STITCH  |  130 N

    Top stitch needles with long eye especially (in comparison to universal and Embroidery needles) suitable for sewing with thicker yarn and for decorative stitch with multiple threads and as well for replacing missing stitches in embroidery.

  • UNIVERSAL  |  130/705 HU

    Light ballpoint yet sharp pointed makes the Universal needle versatile for many applications and ensures a seamless stitch effortlessly. Suitable for most woven fabrics, knits and synthetic.

  • UNIVERSAL - ROUND SHANK  |  287/690

    Needle with rounded shank with regular point for general lock stitch sewing.

  • UNIVERSAL - TWIN  |  130/705 H ZWI

    Constructed with two needles on cross bar from a single shaft. Twin needles sew two rows of stitching at the same time. Suitable for heirloom sewing, decorative stitching and anywhere else that may require multiple uniform stitching rows.

  • UNIVERSAL - TRIPLE  |  130/705 H DRI NE

    Universal triple needles create three rows of stitches simultaneously and suitable for heirloom sewing and decorative top stitching on woven and knit fabrics.

  • WING  |  130/705 H

    A Needle with wing mainly used for heirloom sewing and to create decorative cut work on loosely woven fabrics.